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Assistive Technology

Supporting those with disability and the elderly to live their best life!

Disability and age can make the simplest of tasks around the home extremely difficult or impossible resulting in frustration, loss of independence, and in some cases, mental health issues. At Custom Smart Automation, we're passionate about callaborating with industry service providers to deliver independence, choice, and safety for your loved ones through assistive technologies.


What is Assistive Technology?

Most of us complete daily mundane tasks on auto-pilot, but how would it feel if this was no longer the case?


Changing the TV channel, switching on a light, or even closing blinds for privacy can be challenging or unachievable for people who are immobile.  For a person who is visually impaired, locating a phone number can be impossible.

Assistive technology gives freedom to those physically restricted by age or disability to tackle tasks safely and easily. Smart home and office automation are assistive technologies that can deliver accessibility like never before. It can control blinds, TV, even unlock the front door via voice commands or Smart Device via an app all from the touch of a button. Advancements in such technology mean people who once required supervision can now live independently in the comfort of their own homes.

Home Cook

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How can I check to make sure my loved ones are safe at home?

Busy work, personal schedules, or geographical barriers, can make it difficult to physically check in with loved ones. We offer smart home automation solutions that allow a remote, hassle-free way to do just that! Talk to us about our innovative, unobtrusive, easy-to-use technology incorporating smart wireless sensors and mobile phone apps to discreetly monitor, detect and alert you on changes to your loved one's normal daily routine such as waking up and eating meals.


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