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WiFi & Networking


Sluggish internet holding you back? We install reliable WIFI systems to support you working from home, learning from home or watching your favourite entertainment streaming services such as Netflix.


By now, you may be better adjusted to working and learning from home, developing a routine that helps maximise productivity, or finding a workspace that allows you to comfortably work or learn with minimal distractions. While your network seems fine, there may be times throughout the day where your WiFi performance is less than ideal, resulting in lagging video conference calls, dropped connections while downloading important files, or slow load times when accessing school assignments.














home and how all your devices are connecting with each other.  It's important to invest in good WiFi to ensure your devices are working at their maximum speeds to avoid delays and disruptions. There's nothing more important than a good network as we work and play more and more from home. At Custom Smart Automation, we thrive on delivering superior wireless coverage. Contact us for a Free Free WiFi & Networking Assessment.

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If you occasionally experience WiFi connectivity issues, there’s a good chance that the culprit is none other than your home environment or your existing equipment. Most homes have Wifi issues including weak signals in areas of the home and routers that fail to handle peak usage demands.Your WiFi is not the internet and modem your supplier provided you, It's the network within your

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