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We are licensed electricians with extensive experience in all facets of electrical wiring and cabling from general electrical, to more sophisticated services to meet technological advances including smart home automation and integration.

With our impressive work portfolio spanning over 26 years, Custom Electrical Solutions is renowned for superior workmanship and attention to detail because we love what we do and we do it well! We thrive on customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality service. It is this dedication and work ethic that see our clients return to us time and time again.


Are you starting a new project for yourself or a client? Getting off the ground can be overwhelming because you want to get it right! Time and time again projects fail simply due to poor planning, communication and timeframes. At Custom Electrical Solutions our quality clients rely on us for our project consultation, superior industry experience and training to get them over the line with amazing results by discussing long term goals and strategies.


With our impressive work portfolio and continuous industry training your project is in safe hands!

We’ve seen some exciting advancements in the electrical industry and are keen to share our ideas with you. If you require efficient, hassle free service, why not contact us for a Free Electrical Assessment.


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